Susan Morton

Susan Morton is an Intuitive artist who has been passionate about painting all her life. As a grandmother, Susan is in awe of watching her Grandchildren’s free creative expression, remembering that most people start off this way in life.

Susan is curious about a person’s life journey and what's happened when they tell her they are not at all creative. She believes that we all have the ability to express ourselves in creative ways at any age. Through Susan’s one to one 'Painting from the Soul' classes, along with her Reiki and Shamanic training, she assists women to empower themselves through creativity, while held in a safe compassionate environment, using the gentle ‘Allowing' approach.

Susan is dedicated to assist you during your personal painting session, with her deep wisdom, intuition and heart of gold, as you explore what appears on your canvas and the possibilities and avenues to go deeper. Susan’s fun spirit guides you to rediscover joyful child within. The place where all the magic happens is inside Susan's art studio, which sits on the cliffs overlooking St Brelade's Bay. Here it’s easy to relax, connect to nature, blossom and fly, and find that direct brush stroke to your creative soul.